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Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina completely wiped out my business. I moved my family and my business to Tennessee and started over from scratch. Without this system and the support and training of The Revolution, I would never had made it. This year I am on track to do well over $12 million for the second year in a row! If I can do it, so can you! -Trae W

When I started, I was doing $4 million in annual production. Using the system and what I've learned I did over $25 million in annuity production in 2009, over $20 million in 2010 and I am on track to do over $20 million again. I'm having more fun in business than I have ever had thanks to the system and The Revolution! I love The Revolution! -Mike V

I used to struggle each month trying to come up with enough funds to pay for my next seminar mailings. Sometimes I would have to put my seminars on hold for a few weeks while I was waiting for my next commission check to hit my bank account. Now I pay for my seminars each month from the marketing credits I get from The Revolution! -Roy G

The marketing credits amaze me. Last year I reached another production level and I received retroactive marketing credits from The Revolution. The check was more than $18,000.00. I have never been a part of anything like this in my business career! The best FMO out there, no question! -Jon-Jon K

When I first began using the system, I had $2.8 million in business the year before. After changing and using the system, my production went up the next year to over $12.8 million! If it works for me, it will work for you too! -Fred C

After I suffered a minor accident The Revolution stepped up and helped my business. The Revolution paid for an agent from another state to come in and do my seminars, meet with my clients, pick up checks and get business issued! What other FMO would do that? I love The Revolution and my fellow producers! -Frank M

I did what Mark said, followed the system, and increased my production by 100%. The system and the camaraderie with other agents is amazing! -Rick S

When I first met Mark, I was doing about $1 million in production. I started using the system and immediately saw results with my business doubling and tripling. Now just a couple years later, I am on track to do over $15 million in business! This system changed my life and my family's life forever! -Scott T

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